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Please read these terms of use carefully

These terms of use were last modified on October 1, 2010. We have the right to modify these terms of use. Please read these terms of use again every time you browse this website. Once you use this website, it means that you have accepted the latest version of the terms of use.


This website does not provide medical advice. If you think you need emergency medical treatment, please call your doctor immediately.

Other information about this website Most of the information provided on this website is related to Yuren's products or services. The content of the website is only educational information. The information read on the website cannot replace the relationship between you and the medical staff. Yuren does not provide treatment, medical services or related advice, and you should not regard the information provided on this website as medical advice. If you need diagnosis or treatment, you should communicate with the medical staff at any time.

Medical information changes rapidly. Therefore, it is best for you to confirm the information with the medical staff at any time.

Copyright and Trademark The copyright of the content on this website is owned by the company. The content of this website is protected by Chinese copyright law. To copy these contents, you must abide by copyright regulations. You can download, print or send the content of this website via e-mail, but it can only be used for personal use and not for commercial use. When you download, print or send the content of this website via e-mail, you must also include all copyright information and other remarks of the content, including the copyright statement at the end of the page.

The names of products and services used on this website belong to our company and are protected by Chinese trademark law. If the ® symbol appears in the name on the website, it means that the trademark has been registered in China. If the name ™ appears on the website, it means that the trademark has not been registered. All trademarks are the property of their owners.

When using certain parts of the content on this website, you may need to comply with special regulations and will be displayed close to the content.

If you use the content or trademark in a way that is not expressly authorized in the terms, it will violate the agreement between you and us, and may also violate copyright, trademark and other laws. In this case, we will automatically revoke your right to use this website. The copyright of the content belongs to the company or the author of the content on this website. We reserve all copyrights that are not expressly authorized.

Link to this website and use Yuren's trademark We grant you a non-exclusive, limited and revocable authorization to link to this website. Yuren reserves the right to modify this authorization or use special links. You agree that once Yuren revokes this authorization, you agree to immediately remove or stop activating any or all links to this website.

You agree that the links you provide to this website have nothing to do with advertisements and are not endorsement links for any organization, product or service. You agree that the website link you provide will not be considered by normal people to be full of indecent, slanderous, intrusive, highly offensive, or malicious website links. Under no circumstances should this website, its content or part of the copied content be regarded as a "frame" of a specific server. You agree that you will not use Yuren's logo or trademark in any way without our prior written permission.

Links to other websites This website may contain links to other websites not managed by Yuren. We provide these links for your convenience, but we will not review, control and supervise other websites. These websites may contain information related to products or treatments, and such information may not be approved in China. We will not endorse or control such information. We are not responsible for the effectiveness of these websites or your transactions with them. When using other websites, you must abide by the terms of use of that website, including the privacy policy.

We sincerely welcome your comments on this website. However, we hope that you can understand that the information you send through this website will be regarded as non-personal, non-confidential and non-private information (except for our privacy Personal information referred to in the statement). If you transmit any ideas, information, concepts, knowledge, technology or content to us through this website, it means that you authorize Yuren to use it through any medium under unlimited, copyright-free, and irrevocable conditions. , Reproduce, display, execute, modify, transmit and distribute such information, and agree that Yuren can use it at will.

No liability guarantee This website provides all website content on an "as is" and "existing" basis. Yuren hereby declares that it does not provide any type (express or implied) or statutory guarantee, or other (including but not limited to) guarantees regarding the merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose or non-infringement of the goods. Yuren will not provide any guarantee for the accuracy, completeness, circulation or reliability of all content on the website.

Yuren does not make any representations or warranties that the website has been interrupted or caused errors. You must take precautions on your own to ensure that you will not be affected by any viruses or any other programs that may damage your computer while obtaining the content on the website.

Responsibility Statement You agree that Yuren and any person or company related to Yuren will not be responsible for any harm caused by your use of this website or your inability to use this website or its content. This protection scope covers claims based on guarantees, contracts, torts, strict liability, and any other legal theories, and the protection scope covers Yuren, its company executives, directors, employees, agents, and suppliers mentioned on the website. This protection scope covers all losses, including (but not limited to): direct or indirect, special, incidental, derivative, demonstration, and punitive damages, personal injury/accidental death, loss of profit, or caused by data loss or business interruption The damage.

If Yuren and his company’s executives, directors, employees, agents and suppliers are liable, they should compensate you for loss or damage at most, but the total amount shall not exceed US$100. In any case, the loss or damage that Yuren and its company's executives, directors, employees, agents or suppliers should bear shall not be different from the above-mentioned total amount. All other damages, directly or indirectly, special, incidental, derivative, demonstration, or punitive caused by the use of the website or content, are not the responsibility of Yuren, even if Yuren has been aware of the possibility of such damage.

In addition to the other provisions of this website, in addition to the provisions in these terms of use and privacy statement, when you use special services or content on a certain part of the website, such as purchasing value-added services or linking to other than this website, you may be subject to Constraints of other applicable regulations. Please read our privacy statement to understand how we protect and use the information collected on this website.

Your to this clause and "Opinions", "No Warranty" and "Responsibility Statement" will remain valid after the termination of these terms of use.

If any clause in these terms of use is invalidated by any court with jurisdiction, the other terms in these terms of use will not be affected by the invalid clause, and shall remain fully mandatory and effective. Any exemption clause in these terms of use shall not be regarded as a further or continuing exemption of the terms or conditions or any other terms or conditions.

If you violate these terms of use or privacy statement and cause harm to others, you agree that Yuren will not be liable for any damages.

Once you use this website, it means that when there is any dispute between you and Yuren, or any dispute related to the way of using this website, you agree to the Chinese court as the only court of jurisdiction. You further agree and agree that any disputes involving Yuren and its branches, employees, company executives, directors, agents or suppliers shall exercise personal jurisdiction in these courts.

These terms of use are governed by Chinese laws.